Forest-Safe FSC Products

  • Jul 2, 2024

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization that provides proven sustainable forest management solutions. In 1992, the Eco Summit in Rio failed to produce an agreement to stop deforestation, and the FSC was born. Source: Fairware

Here are a few certified FSC promotional products that are sure to impress while taking a step towards a more renewable future.


 FSC Hard cover notebook

1)     Hard Cover Notebook

You'll be living large with a hard cover ruled large notebook in your campaign! Featuring a bound hard cover with rounded corners, bookmark, and elastic strap closure, this reliable travel companion is perfect for notes, sketches and thoughts. This notebook is picture-perfect for any event.


FSC Bamboo Journal

2)     Bamboo Journal

This FSC bamboo-bound journal features a unique FSC-certified bamboo cover with a recycled leather accent and thread-sewn book binding. Perfect for nonprofit events and panda lovers!

FSC Wine Tote

3)     Connoisseur Wine Tote

What’s better than an eco-friendly wine tote? These reusable bags are designed to support all your daily adventures. A reusable and sustainable way to bring wine to your next dinner party.

FSC Coloring Book with Color Pencils

4)     Zen Coloring Combo

This eco-friendly set is an excellent and conscientious relaxation tool for today’s bustling world. Designed for adults and children, this coloring combo is ideal for anyone that needs some Zen.

FSC Bamboo iPhone and Tablet Stand

5)     Bamboo Phone and Tablet Stand

Free up your hands with a bamboo phone and tablet stand. It's compatible with all major phones and tablets. Made with FSC-certified bamboo, this stand is friendly to the environment and stylish for any giveaway.



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